Prayers From The Heart

Dear Heavenly Father,
Unite me more firmly with your Son, Jesus Christ,
Fill my heart with His benevolent love for all people.
Give me a real concern for those who are lost around me;
those who have no one to turn to, and help me to share
the message of Christ’s love for us all with them.
Keep me humble and ever aware that
every accomplishment for you is your work in me.

O Lord Most High,
Fill me with your Holy Spirit.
I come not with selfish reasons but with a real desire
to glorify you and your Son, Jesus Christ.
My life is often in turmoil and in affliction, but I know
that through the presence of your Spirit
I can be a calm and steadfast witness
to the peace that passes all understanding.
In Jesus’ name and for His sake.

Dear God,
I confess that quite often I do not know
how to pray as I ought, and I compound my sin
by blundering on ahead at full steam anyway.
Help me to dig deeply into the Scriptures
that I might apply what I learn to my prayers.
Help me to be more sensitive to
the divine dimension in life around me that I
might pray according to your providential governance.
Bless me with a greater awareness of your Spirit
as He moves within me that I might pray
for whatever you would desire of me.

Dear Father,
Help me to examine myself, and my prayers,
that I might determine if they are truly from right motives.
I have offered up my needs and the needs of others,
and I have failed to see that many of these petitions,
though seemingly good on the outside,
were really rooted in selfishness.
Create in me a clean heart, O God,
and renew a right spirit within me.

Lord Jesus,
I do believe, but help my unbelief.
I long to feel the leading of the Holy Spirit in my life,
and I long to pray in faith knowing my prayers will be answered.
It is a new insight for me to know that the sober and rational
and intelligent decisions of my life made prayerfully can be
the leadings of the Spirit of God rather than emotional impulses.
Help me not to take too much for granted, but to look to the truth
that real faith brings to those who seek to serve God.

Heavenly Father,
Shine the light of your Holy Spirit into my mind
as I more diligently search the holy Scriptures for
the promises you have for me and the world about me.
Call to my mind those things that I have read
when I am in time of trouble and distress
that I might pray rightly through the application
of your promise to my need.

O Lord, my God and Savior,
I consecrate myself to you right now
for your use – my mind, my heart, my soul,
my talents, my time, and my treasures.
I dedicate my life to serving you in all ways
and to following you wherever you lead.
I feel free, O God, knowing that you possess me fully
and that you will guide me in the prayers
that you desire to answer.

By the Grace of God, go we.

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